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Meet The Stirling Team!

We’ve assembled a great team to address any project’s needs.  Our experience, professionalism, and personality show in all the work we do, and our team exemplifies these traits.

Bob Sammons

Bob has been working on NYC infrastructure projects for his entire professional degree dating back to 2007.  He’s been involved in many of the MTA’s largest projects and has successfully installed and commissioned some of the most complex mechanical infrastructure systems from fan plants to pump rooms to elaborate BMS installations. 


As the head of Stirling, Bob aims to grow the company into the premier NYC mechanical infrastructure contractor with a focus on delivering exceptional product and service from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Alexandra Shi
Project Manager

Alex is a rockstar Project Manager. Bringing over a decade of NYC infrastructure construction knowledge to the table, Alex skillfully handles planning, coordination, and execution of projects from start to finish. Her attention to detail, technical knowledge, and experience with MTA/NYCT work are invaluable in executing Stirling projects.

Gabrielle Formoso
Project Engineer

Gabrielle excels at field coordination and planning.  She works diligently to ensure that field conditions are accommodated during the planning phase and then facilitates day-to-day execution of field work.  Although she is well versed in multiple trades, Gabrielle specializes in plumbing and fire protection systems.

Argiris Papadopoulos Project Engineer

Argiris is the newest addition to our project management team.  His technical acumen and practical experience make him a great asset in planning and executing field installations.  Argiris has been focusing on ensuring HVAC scopes are properly planned and installed.

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